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Welcome to the USA-X Agency team website, your comprehensive resource hub where you can access our calendar of events, scripts, presentations, and more. It's also a place where you can connect and collaborate with fellow agents across the nation in our vibrant community platform to enhance your expertise and success.

Canva Directions

Step 1: Click on the "Welcome to the Team" link blow.

Step 2: Click on the gray button that reads, "Use template for new design".

Step 3: Select the "Uploads" icon on the left menu bar.

Step 4: Click on the purple "Upload Files" Button and upload the image of your new partner.

Step 5: To take the background out of your image, select the image, and click on "Edit Photo" in the top menu.

Step 6: Select the "BG Remover" the icon has a picture of a beach ball. This tool will remove the background.

Step 7: Click on your image, size your picture using the dots in the corner of your picture. Do not use the lines in the middle sides of your image as this will distort your image.

Step 8: Layer the USA-X banner so that it is in front of your photo. Right click on the banner and select layer. Then select "bring to the front".

Step 9: Download your image. Select the "Share" button on the top right hand side, then select download. Make sure the "File Type" is JPG or PNG. Then click on the purple "Download" button. Most of the time the file will save to your downloads folder.

Follow these simple directions for all of the brag post below.

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